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WaterWise Guides

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The WaterWise Program's three WaterWise Guides offer a great deal of information related to low water landscaping methods and managing irrigation systems. Each guide includes information specific to our unique Central Oregon climate and soil conditions.

WaterWise Guides are free and available at the following locations:

  • City Hall Informational Kiosk - 710 NW Wall Street
  • Utility Department Annex - 62975 Boyd Acres Road


WaterWise Landscape Guide CoverLANDSCAPE GUIDE

The WaterWise Landscape Guide is complete with full color photos of local water efficient landscapes and plenty of information on how to plan, design, install and maintain a beautiful Bend WaterWise Landscape. There is a lot to know when it comes to landscaping in Central Oregon and this guide covers all the basics.

Efficient sprinkler watering grass

The WaterWise Irrigation Guide covers nearly every aspect of residential landscape irrigation systems. It touches on sprinkler types, drip irrigation, landscape water needs and proper scheduling. The Guide offers a variety of more technical Pro Tips for those more familiar with the subject.

Beautiful streetscape with native plants between roadway and sidewalk


The WaterWise Streetscape Guide focuses exclusively on street side landscaping with the aim of keeping water off Bend streets. It includes a variety of sample landscape plans, plant lists, and provides step by step description of what it takes to create a beautiful and efficient streetscape.  


The WaterWise Guides are also made available by request to local contractors, landscape designers and architects, plant nurseries, home builders and more. Please contact the WaterWise Program at (541) 317-3000 ext. 2 for requests.


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