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Fees and Services

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The City of Bend offers printed maps, digital data, and GIS services as described below.

Printed Maps

Printed versions of the maps available on our Map Library page are available for purchase. Please submit  a Map Request Form to this email and you will be contacted for confirmation and payment.   Prices are as follows:

11x17 or smaller: $1.50

Large Format Printing and Copying (larger than 11x17): $41.00

Digital Data

The majority of data requests the city receives are for layers that are actually maintained and distributed by Deschutes County.  Some layer examples include Property Boundaries, Roads, Political Boundaries, Zoning, and many others.  Please visit the Deschutes County Data Portal to view data available for download.

GIS data prepared and maintained by the City of Bend is available at no cost.  Please contact us by phone at (541) 693-2149 or by email to inquire about the availability of data.

Aerial Photography, Complete coverage: $2,244.00
(Digital orthophotography, 6" resolution, acquired March 2013 or April 2004, covers the greater Bend area and Bend Airport, available in MrSID format on DVD)

2016 Aerial Photos-  Due to a license agreement we are unable to distribute this data.

2013 or 2004 Aerial Photo, 1/4 Section (electronic) $281.00

2004 Topo (2' contours), 1/4 Section (electronic) $281.00 

(PLEASE NOTE: If the area needed is covered by more than one 1/4 Section, all 1/4 sections must be purchased.  For inquiries about 2013 digital topo data, please contact Colleen Miller at 541-693-2120.)

City Water & Sewer Utility Maps

City water & sewer maps, which show existing sewer and water improvements, are available online using our Interactive Mapping application! Here's how to get them:

1) Access our on-line General Mapping application.
2) Zoom in to your area of interest on the map.
3) Turn on the 'Water and Sewer Utility Map Layer' within the Water and Sewer data group.
4) Click on the map in the area in which you wish to obtain the map.
5) Click the Get Utility Map link within the map tip pop up.