Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) Licensing

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Please visit the OLCC website or call their offices at 541-388-6292 to make sure you are using the correct forms. 

OLCC Special Event Website 

  • The City of Bend requires applications be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the event start date for Special Event Liquor Licenses. When the City receives an application for an event less than a week away, the City may not have the resources to review the application in time for the planned event. To prevent this from happening, please submit your application no less than two weeks prior to your event. If your event takes place outdoors, please also submit a diagram of the alcohol service area. If the event will have over 500 attendees, please also submit a Plan to Manage. 


  • Regular OLCC license applications are required to be approved by City Council after staff reviews are complete. The City Council meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month to review and approve applications. 


  • If you are planning to have an event where an OLCC Special Event License is necessary and you are changing the character, use or occupancy classification of the building or space where the event is being held, then a Temporary Change of Occupancy (TCO) Permit is required. You may contact the Building Safety Division at (541) 388-5570 for more information about that permit. Please contact Lorelei Williams at (541) 323-8565 to learn more about the review processes in the Police, Building, Fire and Economic Development Departments.


  • All applicants for Regular and/or Special Event Liquor Licenses shall be required to pay a $25 application fee. This fee must be paid in order for the application process to begin. Payment may be submitted with the application to the Permit Center of City Hall, located at 710 NW Wall Street Bend, OR 97703. Applications may also be emailed to lwilliams@bendoregon.gov and payment may be made over the phone to the Utility Billing Offices at 541-388-5515 and press 0. 


  • The City of Bend recognizes the importance of events to the vitality of our community. We take our responsibility to provide safe and secure venues for all events very seriously. If amplified music is a part of the event, a Noise Variance is required. A Special Event Permit is needed for all events that have a gathering o f 150 persons, are open to the public and take place on City property or in the right-of-way.

Special Event OLCC Application Statuses