Maintain Your Permit & License

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How to Maintain a Short Term Rental Land Use Permit & Operating License

  • Comply with City Code related to Short Term Rentals


  • Remit Transient Rom Tax (TRT)


  • Provide Proof of Use
    • Remit TRT to prove use of the home as a short term rental at least one night within the 12 month licensed period. 
    • If you have a Type-I Infrequent Permit, you must provide another form of proof, since you are not required to remit TRT (e.g. rental contracts, bookings, receipts, itineraries, etc.)
    • If you have a Type-I Infrequent and Owner-occupied Room Rental Permit, you must still remit TRT for the room rental activity. 


  • Follow & Distribute Good Neighbor Guidelines to Tenants


  • Respond to Neighbor Complaints
    • The owner or the owner's authorized agent are to be the first respondent to complaints from neighbors via their 24/7 contact information that is located in the look up tool
    • Contact information also must be shared annually via a mailing to neighbors within 250 feet of the STR or on a sign that is posted at all times. 


  • Submit a Change of Information Form
    • If owner and/or authorized information changes throughout the licensed year, owners are required to submit a change of information form within 14 days of the change being made.


  • Renew Your Operating License Annually
    • City of Bend will notify owners and authorized agent within 60 days prior to their license renewal date
    • Notice will also be provided at the beginning of the 30 day late period after the 60 day time frame has closed, if no renewal documents have been received. 


    Review Frequently Asked Questions for more information.