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Council Policy on Discretionary Funding/Sponsorship of Community Programs, Services and Events


In 2016, the Council developed a policy to provide clearer standards and direction for the funding of non-profit and other organizations or individuals serving the community. Resolution 3037 adopted the policy.



The City Council values and recognizes the importance of community programs, services and events that (1) advance Council adopted goals, City-wide policies and the City’s strategic planning, (2) promote the City of Bend, (3) support non-profit organizations or other organizations serving the community, (4) are held for the general economic benefit of Bend’s diverse business and cultural communities, or (5) support the City’s community and/or planning and neighborhood objectives.  The Council desires to provide clear direction to the City Manager and departments so that the City exercises fair and equitable treatment of parties seeking sponsorship or support from the City, and documents any services received in an appropriate agreement.


Official City Events

The City Council has determined that certain events are official City events. These include the Christmas Parade, the 4th of July Parade, and Veteran’s Day Parade. Other events may seek cash grants or sponsorship under this Policy from the overall budget appropriation.

Separate events (such as Earth Day) may be funded by Departments for City outreach and other functions, separate from this Policy.

To request sponsorship, please submit a request in writing to including a summary of how the request complies with this policy, how much is requested, and how funds will be used. 


Council Memberships include the following:

League of Oregon Cities

Central Oregon Cities Organization

Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council

Welcoming Cites & Counties

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