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WaterSmart Software

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City of Bend is partnering with WaterSmart Software to provide water customers access to their water use information online!

Just register your City of Bend water account at today and get started. Once registered, you'll be able to track your daily water use, see how you compare to similar water users and get notification of potential water leaks.


  1. Log on

    Visit with your account information
  2. Register

    Register using the account number listed on your City of Bend Utility billing statement. Account numbers are located in the upper right corner of your bill and usually include two sets of numbers separated by a hyphen: ###### - ######. Enter your account number (without any leading zeros) and your zip code and connect to your WaterSmart account.    
  3. Personalize

Answer a few quick survey questions to customize your account page.

Note: To access your WaterSmart account, you will need your City of Bend water statement. Your first water statement must be generated before you can access your information.

How can WaterSmart help?

WaterSmart is a great tool for being able to see your own water usage so that you can:

  1. Set up alerts!
    You can set up WaterSmart to text or email you if your water usage spikes, so that you can be notified - you might have constant consumption.
  2. Leak repair troubleshooting
    While you're troubleshooting leak repairs, you can check to see if a leak has stopped. This is helpful for periods of time when our office is unavailable (after hours, weekends, and holidays).
  3. Ensure your conservation efforts
    Verify whether or not your conservation efforts are making a difference. Since you can see this year's usage versus last year's usage, if you make a change (for example, in your habits or by getting energy efficient appliances) you can see how much it affects your water usage.
  4. Know your water score
    You can see how you compare to other similar properties in Bend. Do you want to know whether you use more or less than other households like yours? Fill out the quick survey and it will tell you what the average water usage is for other properties/households in Bend that are similar to yours.
  5. Check sprinkler system usage
    Make sure you're not over irrigating by checking to see how much water your sprinkler system is using.


Need help getting started with WaterSmart?

Contact Utility Billing and Customer Service at (541) 388-5515 for additional assistance.


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