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City Club hosted a great discussion about regional water that was balanced, interesting and most of all informative.  As a follow up to the City Club Water Forum, you are invited to explore these important water related documents.  It should be noted that all reports and documents are a snapshot in time and newer information is being created every year, building on these key reports and studies.

  Intro Presentation Slides    Water in Central Oregon
City Club Water Forum Introduction
  Water Chart   

The Deschutes River Basin - Seeing Things Whole
A graphic model of the various flows throughout the "reaches" of the Deschutes River Basin.

  Blue Whale all three    

Blue Whale - All Three
A big picture look at 30 year average flows 

  Cover Page Deschutes Basin - Magnitudes of Water Use   

Magnitudes of Water Use
A Deschutes Basin annual diversion comparison chart.

  Chart - Central Oregon Dist Diversions   

Central Oregon Irrigation District Diversion Chart (1966-2011)
A fascinating chart assembled by Kyle Gorman of OWRD, that shows clearly how far the districts have come in efficiency and management!  

  The Deschutes Water Alliance Reports - 2006
More information on who sponsored these studies and who was involved is in the documents 
  Cover Page DWA 2006 Irrigation Efficiency    Irrigation District Water Conservation Cost Analysis and Prioritization
An evaluation and prioritization of opportunities to save water through piping and lining of canals, laterals and ditches, as well as through on-farm conservation technologies.
  Cover Page DWA 2006 Growth Urbanization    Growth, Urbanization and Land Use Change: Impacts on Agriculture and Irrigation Districts in Central Oregon
An inventory of amounts, patterns and rates of district water rights becoming surplus due to urbanization or other changes in land use patterns in Central Oregon and corresponding impact on district assessments.
(Title in Water 2025 Grant was Impacts of Urbanization on Irrigable Lands)
  Cover Page DWA 2006 Reservior Mtg    Reservoir Management
Prepare rapid assessment of potential gains from optimization of existing reservoirs and their potential impact on improving flow and quality, and prepare terms of reference for more formal and rigorous assessment. 
(Title in Water 2025 Grant was Reservoir Optimization Study and Water Quality)

  Cover Page DWA 2006 Long Range Scenario    Future Groundwater Demand in the Deschutes Basin
Assessment of the water supply needs, quantity and timeline of the Basin’s regional urban suppliers.  
(Title in Water 2025 Grant was Municipal Water Demand)
  Cover Page DWA 2006 Instream Flow    Instream Flow in the Deschutes Basin: Monitoring, Status and Restoration Needs
In-stream Flow Needs for Fish, Wildlife and recreation along with Measurement, Monitoring and Evaluation Systems-assessment of the suitability and completeness of existing flow measurement sites and existing Water Quality and Monitoring Plan for the Upper Deschutes Basin and prepare funding and implementation action plan.  
(Title in Water 2025 Grant was Measurement, Monitoring and Evaluations Systems)
  Two Key USGS Groundwater Studies 
  Cover Page Groundwater Study    Report 00-4162 Ground-Water Hydrology of the Upper Deschutes Basin, Oregon U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY, Water-Resources Investigations
Note - This report was the scientific underpinning for the Deschutes Groundwater mitigation program for the Deschutes Basin
  Cover Page Groundwater Level Analysis    U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2013–5092 Analysis of 1997–2008 Groundwater Level Changes in the Upper Deschutes Basin, Central Oregon, U.S. Department of the Interior 
  Cover Page Deschutes Water Planning Initiative    The Deschutes Water Planning Initiative (DWPI)
Water Supply Goals and Objectives Report - 2013 
  Cover Page DWA MOU 2010    The Deschutes Water Alliance (DWA) Memorandum of Understanding 
A governance agreement signed by all the basin players, agreeing to work together to manage the future of water in the Deschutes Basin!