Irrigation Hours

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Irrigation Hours for Maximum Efficiency! Even and Odd Irrigation day rules still apply, but watering is now allowed at night.

The low humidity climate of Central Oregon is great for night time watering for maximum efficiency. Visit for more information. 

Landscape Watering Hours - details below 


Regulations Apply Year Round

  • IRRIGATION HOURS:  5:00 P.M. to 9:00 A.M.
    • The best time to water is between 7:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M.
  • NO IRRIGATION:  9:00 A.M.  to 5:00 P.M.               
    • Hot, windy, high evaporation rate 
    • High system demand
  • EVEN HOUSE NUMBERS may water on even numbered days of the month.
  • ODD HOUSE NUMBERS may water on odd numbered days of the month.
  • Watering is allowed for all addresses on the 31st day of the month.
  • These regulations apply to hoses or hose-end devices left unattended.
  • These regulations do not apply to watering by hand-held hose while continuously being attended.
  • Repeat violations will lead to a fine.
  • Temporary variances for some watering regulations can be obtained (for new sod, seed or plantings) by calling (541) 317-3000 ext 2.


  • Make sure no irrigation water is running off your property onto sidewalks, streets or neighboring properties.
  • Adjust your watering amounts as the weather and temperature change. Your lawns need about one inch of water every four days to stay healthy.  
  • No overspray of irrigation onto impervious surfaces (sidewalks, streets, etc.) 
  • Find more watering tips and landscaping information on conservation.
  • Link to Bend Code.

Visit for more water saving tips...  WaterWise – Water Isn't All You Save

Conservation information is also available by calling (541) 317-3000 ext 2.


Frequently Asked Questions:  City of Bend Irrigation Regulations 

Q. Why does the City still require odd and even watering days?

A. This regulation was originally enacted to decrease demand on the water system. This regulation enabled enough water to be left in storage reservoirs to fight fires during times of high water demand such as during hot summer months. Today the regulations are kept in place not only to maintain water levels for fire protection, but the rules help even out demand on the water system, which keeps operating costs down and delays costly infrastructure additions such as wells, storage and transmission lines.

Q. How much water does my lawn need?

A. A good general rule is to water 1-inch every four days (or 1/2-inch every other day). If water runs off, try a "cycle" and "soak" approach. Water for shorter time periods, with time allowed between runs for the water to soak in. Good soils act as a reservoir for your grass. Top dress your soil and if installing a new lawn, invest in good topsoil, as it pays off for the life of your lawn.

Q. If I have a water meter, do I need to follow the water regulations?

A. Yes. Every water service connection has been fully metered since December of 2004. A condition of obtaining water service by all customers is to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the City of Bend (see Bend City Code, Title 14 – Water Link: These water use rules are in place to protect public health, improve water quality, provide adequate water pressure and meet the needs of all customers as well as provide required fire flows at all times.

Q. How come I see watering occurring at certain parks and schools during the day?

A. Some parks and schools receive water from on-site private wells or have irrigation water rights from a pond, the Deschutes River or it is delivered by some other provider, so our regulations do not apply. Because of evening and varying use of fields (from football games to festivals), watering must occur at irregular times. At other times, variances from the irrigation regulations are granted for new landscape installation, rehabilitation work, for using smart irrigation controlled watering systems (Link: ), re-seeding and other reasons as necessary.

Q. What about Watering on 31st day, do I have to reset my irrigation timer?

A. Yes, for example several manufacturers make timers that allow for even or odd days and can be set to water or not water on the 31st. These units are sold by many landscape professionals and cost a bit more but make watering easy and save water and money over the long run. In addition, the recently updated irrigation rules now allow everyone to water on the 31rst of the month. Remember the goal is to water efficiently when the plants need water, not on just a preset schedule – but the rules developed will help encourage efficient water application and smooth the water demand throughout the water system.

Q. Water runs off my property when I water, what should I do?

A. Most irrigation run-off is caused by improperly set run times (too long), poorly adjusted sprinkler heads, compacted or sloped soil. The other big culprit is watering in the windy afternoons. The revised rules encourage efficiency by not allowing watering during 9am to 5pm. To stop the runoff problem, try to water at night, adjust sprinklers regularly and know your soil conditions. Buy a smart controller or other timer with a "cycle" and "soak" feature that can split up your run time to adjust for your site conditions. Concrete and asphalt will not grow no matter how much they are watered! 
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