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Call For Entries Art 2019

2019 Winners are Announced!

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2019 FOCUS

We're looking to show why pollution prevention is important in Bend and how to prevent sewer overflows into our homes, businesses, streets, and waterways.

  Title:  WIPES OUT!
            Don’t flush “flushable” wipes.

  Consider: Preventing Sewer Overflows

  • Are flushable wipes really flushable?

  • Where does clogged sewage go, inside and outside?

  • The sewage system is separate from the storm drain system in Bend, but sewage overflows in the street can enter the storm drain system

  • What can happen to public health, and our waterways when the sewer system clogs and sewage overflows? 

  • What is needed to clean it up?  Who pays?


 Grand Prize:
  • $150
  • Professional reproduction of film for local TV on-air flight
             – See Rules & Guidelines
  • Film screened at:  BendFilm Future Filmmaker event

    Division Winners:

  • 5th - 8th Grade:                             $100
  • 9th - 12th Grade Prize:             $100                       
  • People’s Choice Award:        $100

 gold seal with red ribbon award






    All Winners:

  • Entrance into Future Filmmaker award ceremony

  • Film/Commercial featured on social media.


 teacher showing ipad to students

gold seal with red ribbon award

 If your student wins the Grand Prize, we will also award $150 for supplies to your classroom.



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