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Clean Water Works PSAs

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Clean Water Works PSA 300 dpi

Clean Water Works Program Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

Telling our story to our customers is vitally important to the success of clean water in the City of Bend. Through 30-second TV commercials, viewers learn about topics of importance or concern that help to protect our river waters and underground water reservoirs.  

|Man Fly Fishing in River
"Clean Water Works" PSA

Clean Water Works Professional Student PSAs

Since 2015/16, the Utility Department's Clean Water Works Program has empowered local area youth to create 30-second videos on specific water pollutant issues.  Topics have included keeping our storm drains clean from debris and toxins, to very specific topics such as preventing sewer back ups from non-flushable disposable wipes.  The underlying message is always the same - keep pollutants out of our river and underground water reserves. 

The grand prize winner of the contests received the opportunity to work with local media professionals at Central Oregon Daily News / Zolo Media to remake their student video into a full-fledged professional public service announcement (PSA) to be aired on area TV stations.  Listed below are the final professional student PSAs.  Please click the photo links and enjoy the show.


"The Issue with Flushable Wipes" by Cedar Vickery and co-produced by Marvin Walder2019 Student Psa


"Bend Aqua-Culture" by Marvin Walder
Bicyclist drinking water from water bottle


"Clean Water Works" by Akira Talaba 
Student opted not to participate in the professional remake.



"Clean Water Works" by Makenzie Hice
2015 16 Final PSA


Poetry Contest Winner

2017 Youth Poetry WINNER
"Flow Rivers" by Lucy Wittwer, 
Lucy Wittwer Flow Rivers

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