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WaterWise Landscaping

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beautiful flower-filled landscape with sculptureA short drive through Bend and it is easy to see that landscapes here can be pretty diverse. The resources below provide guidance and information so that whatever landscape choices you’re making, you have the tools to transform it to one that is more water efficient, drought resilient and more WaterWise.

Resources to help inspire and educate landscape owners on the benefits of a WaterWise Landscape.


The WaterWise Program offers free guidebooks to help you create your own beautiful water efficient landscapes. Each guide focuses on a different topic with information specific to Bend's unique climate and soil conditions.

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 Water-wise gardening in central oregon plant guideHIGH DESERT PLANT GUIDE


Our WaterWise Gardening in Central Oregon plant catalog is the resource you need to find the right plant for the right place. Complete with helpful symbols to note plant water needs, fire resistance, sun and shade requirements, and more, this catalog is a must have for local landscape novices and professionals alike.


Hollinshead Waterwise garden video image - two master gardeners

Discover Bend's new, low water landscape demonstration garden at Hollinshead Park. This collaborative effort provides an opportunity for everyone to experience a local garden with real examples of low to moderate water use landscape plants and efficient irrigation techniques that work well here in Central Oregon. Watch the video and learn more about this exciting new garden space.

Oregon Rain Garden Guide

Managing stormwater in Bend is critical to the long term health of our watershed and community as a whole. That starts with managing stormwater in the landscape. The City of Bend requires that property owners be able to retain normal stormwater flow on their property. A great way to do this is to install a rain garden that meets local requirements and looks beautiful at the same time.

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