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Water Waste Prevention

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sprinklers overspraying water into the street and on sidewalk

The City of Bend WaterWise Program is proactively working to stretch water supplies further into the future by reducing water waste.

Reducing water waste in the community is a priority. Through practical and cost-effective solutions, irrigation system owners that work with the WaterWise Program to reduce water waste are making a difference. 


  • Provide Technical Assistance
    Learn the best ways to reduce water waste in the landscape. WaterWise Program staff are always available to work with customers to reduce water waste in the community.
  • Analyze Water Use
    Receive a one-page Water Use Analysis through the WaterWise Program that identifies the water and financial savings potential of reducing waste outdoors.
  • Get WaterSmart
    The City of Bend has partnered with WaterSmart Software to allow customers to track daily water use and get important water use notifications. Visit to get started.


If you see water waste in the community please report it using the “REPORT WASTE” form below. City of Bend staff follow up on each report of water waste received and contact the water customer in an effort to resolve the issue.

REPORT WASTE by submitting the form below.

Water Waste Defined:

Water waste is defined in Bend Code 14.20 Use of Water and includes general provisions for the following:

  • Applying more water than is necessary to maintain a healthy landscape.
  • Irrigation overspray and runoff that flows beyond the intended irrigated area.
  • Allowing water to pool or flow across the ground into a street or storm drain.
  • The City’s approved irrigation hours and days
    • No irrigation 9am – 5pm
    • Even numbered addresses can irrigate on even calendar days
    • Odd numbered addresses can irrigation on odd calendar days

Read the complete section for Bend Code 14.20 Use of Water.

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