Water Conservation

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Water conservation continues to be an important source of supply for the City of Bend. By doing more with less, the City’s water supplies last longer into the future... 

That’s good news for everyone - water customers save on monthly bills, the City saves by stretching current water supplies further, and the community continues to enjoy this precious resource and healthy environment for generations to come. WaterWise – water isn’t all you save! 


Irrigation Hours

The City's approved irrigation hours and days are in effect:

  • No irrigation 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Even addresses irrigate on even days
  • Odd addresses irrigate on odd days
  • Zero sprinkler overspray and runoff


Beautiful streetscape with native plants between roadway and sidewalk

Resources to help inspire and educate landscape owners on the benefits of a WaterWise Landscape.

The WaterWise Streetscape Guide focuses exclusively on street side landscaping with the aim of keeping water off Bend streets. It includes a variety of sample landscape plans, plant lists, and provides step by step description of what it takes to create a beautiful and efficient streetscape.  

Efficient sprinkler watering grass


The WaterWise Irrigation Guide covers nearly every aspect of residential landscape irrigation systems. It touches on sprinkler types, drip irrigation, landscape water needs and proper scheduling. The Guide offers a variety of more technical Pro Tips for those more familiar with the subject.


WaterWise Landscape Guide CoverWATERWISE LANDSCAPE

The all-new WaterWise Landscape Guide is complete with full color photos of local water efficient landscapes and plenty of information on how to plan, design, install and maintain a beautiful Bend WaterWise Landscape.


Water-wise gardening in central oregon plant guide

Brush up on your high desert plant knowledge.

Our WaterWise Gardening in Central Oregon plant catalog is the resource you need to find the right plant for the right place. Complete with helpful symbols to note plant water needs, fire resistance, sun and shade requirements, and more, this catalog is a must have for local landscape novices and professionals alike.


Hollinshead Waterwise garden video image - two master gardeners

Discover Bend's new, low water landscape demonstration garden at Hollinshead Park. This collaborative effort provides an opportunity for everyone to experience a local garden with real examples of low to moderate water use landscape plants and efficient irrigation techniques that work well here in Central Oregon. Watch the video and learn more about this exciting new garden space.

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