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Roundabouts - Another Safe Intersection

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  • Can I block the intersection?

  • What can we do about people who do not yield?

  • Do I have to use my turn signal?

  • Can I pass slow moving vehicles in the roundabout?

  • Can I change lanes in a roundabout?

  • Isn't a roundabout just another form of intersection control?

  • How do pedestrians cross the street at the roundabout?

  • How do cyclists use a roundabout?

  • How do trucks use a roundabout?

  • Does traffic approaching from one direction have priority over traffic approaching from another direction?

  • I learned the rule as "yield to the right." Is that correct?

  • Is a roundabout like a 4-way stop?

  • Do I get a turn to go?

  • Do I have to stop at the yield signs?

  • What is the appropriate speed to drive through a roundabout?

  • How large of a gap do I need?

  • Is it OK to "let someone in?"

  • I know the rule is "do not stop inside the roundabout." What should I do when someone else stops inside the roundabout?

  • What do I do when the driver in front of me is too timid at the yield line?

  • Can I block the marked pedestrian crosswalks?