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  • Applicants sought for Budget Committee opening

    The City is seeking applicants for an open position on the Budget Committee. The committee receives the City Manager's proposed biennial budget and budget message, which explains the proposed budget. The Budget Committee may make additions or changes to the proposed budget,

    11/14/2018 1:03:04 PM

  • City awarded second grant for completion of energy planning project

    The City of Bend has qualified for a second matching grant from Partners for Places, a national matching grant program that invests in local projects to promote a healthy environment, a strong economy and well-being of all residents. Funding will support the City continuing to work with the Bend co

    11/9/2018 11:49:02 AM

  • City of Bend Accessibility Advisory Committee Opening

    The committee’s purpose is to assist and advise the City in making its programs, services, activities and facilities accessible to Bend’s residents.

    10/23/2018 11:18:18 AM

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Traffic Safety Videos

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The Municipal Court has compiled the following traffic safety videos.

Horizon line composed of Mt Bachelor, Broken Top and the Three Sisters


If the Bend Municipal Court Judge has ordered you to watch specific traffic safety videos, you are to submit a letter to the Court describing something you have learned and can share with others.  Your letter must be received by the date stated on your Notice of Hearing and Order to Appear.  Failure to submit your letter by the due date will result in a failure to appear conviction with additional fees added.  You may submit your letter to the Bend Municipal Court at 555 NE 15th St., Bend, OR  97702 or


Your participation in the Young Driver Program requires you to write a 5 paragraph essay.  Please see your Notice of Hearing and Order to Appear for further details on the essay topics.  You must return to Court on your hearing date to present one fact that you have learned about traffic safety. This list of videos may be used in researching your essay.



Click on the video or title below to begin viewing or copy and paste the URL into your browser.

  1. Wait for it..this could save your life@SummerBreak 4 URL -

  2. Please Slow Down RTA Commercial URL -

  3. Nine lives lost on Central Oregon roads in nine days (KTVL News) URL -

  4. ODOT 9 Days 9 Lives video URL -

  5. Traffic Myths: No. 2 - Pedstrians Right of Way URL - 

  6. Stop Speeding Before It Stops You URL -


Click on the video or title below to begin viewing or copy and paste the URL into your browser.

  1. Worst Texting While Driving Accident Ever URL -

  2. A Perfect Day-Think! Road Safety Campaign URL -

  3. Roundabouts - What they are and what they aren't URL -

  4. Are you more likely "not' to wear a seatbelt in the back seat? (WPRI News) URL -

  5. DUI (Eugene Police Dept.) URL -

  6. NRSF Tailgating and the 3-second rule URL -


Seat belts and Child Restraints :URL -

Bicycle Videos

Basic Bike Check :URL -

Scanning :URL -

Signaling :URL -

Bike Safety - Introduction to Bike Safety and Sharing the Road : URL -

Intersection Positioning :URL -