Accounts in Collections

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Once your balance has been turned over to collections, the Court cannot accept payment.  The Court uses two (2) separate collection agencies.

Professional Credit Service, also known as PCS can be reached at 1-866-254-2993 or 541-317-3587. 

Alliance One Receivables can be reached at 1-800-456-8838.

If you have fines or fees owing to this Court that are currently in collections and you do not know which collection agency to contact, please call 541-388-5572 and press 9 to speak to a court clerk.

If your driver's license is suspended, you may be eligible for a payment plan that would release this Court's suspension on your driver's license.  If your driver's license is suspended by other Courts or by Child Support, you must make arrangements with those Courts or agencies. 

When you call the collection agency, you must speak with an agent and ask about the PIA (Payment In Adjudication) program.  Once you have made your down payment, they will notify this Court to release the hold on your driver's license.  If you fail to make the payments, the agency will notify the Court and your license will be suspended again.  It may take several days from when you set up your payment plan to when your license is reinstated.

You may verify the status of your driver's license by calling the Oregon DMV at (503) 945-5000.