Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bend's Transportation System

  • How does the City decide which streets get plowed first?

  • Why do the city snow plows push snow into my driveway? Who is responsible for clearing it?

  • I just shoveled my driveway. Why did the City snow plow push snow on it?

  • I just shoveled my sidewalk. Why did the City snow plow push snow on it?

  • Why is the snow plow operator driving so fast considering the road conditions?

  • Can snow from my driveway or complex be pushed across the street?

  • When does my sidewalk need to be cleared and whose responsibility is it?

  • Where can I find information about City of Bend Utility and Streets projects?

  • Who do I contact if a city snowplow hits my mailbox?

  • What if landscaping or irrigation in the right of way is damaged?

  • What if we have an emergency during a snow storm?

  • I once saw a snow plow parked in a restaurant parking lot during a bad snowstorm. Why was it there instead of on the streets working?

  • Why can't you plow my street now?

  • Can you tell me exactly when my street will be plowed?

  • Why doesn't the trucks plow and sand on the way to their routes?