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Traffic Count Data

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vehicle count data


The Traffic Count Data for Daily 24 hour vehicle volume is available in the Interactive City Map program under the Street Layer.   If you have a specific traffic count data inquiry, please contact Jovi Anderson at (541) 693-2122 or - March 2017

vehicle count data


  2017 Full Report (large file 10MB, 153 pages)






1:  Introduction and Background

vehicle count data


Chapter 2:  Twenty-Four Hour Vehicle Counts

Chapter 3:  Short-term Bike and Pedestrian Counts
     Chapter 4:  Multimodal Turning Movement Counts
 Commuter_Mode_Share_inBend    Chapter 5:  Mode Split
 vehicle count data    Chapter 6:  ODOT Facility Counts


Appendix A Technical Memos
Appendix B Vehicle Classification

2016 Bend Transportation Count Program

     Project Overview October 2016 Update

Technical Memos

 Current Practices - Best Practices

 Count Program Developed
 A-Data Reviewed
 B-Vehicle Locations
C-Multimodal Locations

Technical Advisory Committee Roster

Presentation January 7, 2016
Presentation January 21, 2016