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US 97 Bend Parkway Plan

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Map of Bend Parkway Plan Study Area

U.S. 97 Bend Parkway Plan   Link to Project Page in ODOT

Bend MPO Role:

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is sponsoring this project in coordination with the City of Bend and the Bend Metropolitan Planning Organization (BMPO). The results of the overall planning effort (Phase 1 and Phase 2) will become a part of the 2019 BMPO Metropolitan Transportation Plan, but will also inform, and be informed by, related regional planning efforts, such as the City of Bend Transportation System Plan.

MPO Parkway Plan Decision Tree

The project will be overseen by a Project Management Team (PMT) that includes the sponsoring agency (ODOT), the BMPO, the City of Bend, and the project consultant team.

The Project Management Team is responsible for day-to-day project coordination and guidance.  The BMPO Policy Board is ultimately responsible for making final project decisions and recommendations.  See the US97 Parkway Charter.


Technical Documents and Presentations



Adopted US 97 Parkway Corridor Vision Concept and Development Plan 12/18/19
Bend MPO Charter (Signed) 9/2017

Technical Memorandums:
------------------------------------Phase 1------------------------------------

  1. Plan Summary 3/3/17
  2. Existing Conditions 12/13/17
  3. Future Traffic Forecast 10/30/18
  4. Future Conditions 11/9/18
    US97 Parkway - Ped-Bike Crossing Alternatives 1/9/19
  5. Preliminary Alternatives 2/25/19
    -------------------------------------Phase 2------------------------------------
  6. Alternatives Evaluations 10/7/19
  7. Second Level Alternatives Evaluation 11/6/19

    Appendices to Technical Memo 7: 
    7.1 Project Evaluation Rating
    7.2 Technical Analysis Summary, Active Transportation Prioritization, Right-in/Right-out Analysis
    7.3 Traffic Volume Table

  8.  Murphy Road and Powers Road Improvement Concepts 10/26/19
    Appendix to Technical Memo 8: 
    8.1 Detailed cost and evaluation tables for Powers
    Parkway Right In/Right Out Analysis and Appendix 4/22/19

  9. NEW >> Investment Strategy and Appendix 4/15/20

    This memo builds on the evaluation of alternatives and public input to establish priorities for implementation.

Meeting Materials

New >> Bend MPO Policy Board and TAC Joint Agenda 4/20/20 and Meeting Presentation

Bend MPO Policy Board and TAC Joint Agenda 11/19/19 
Bend MPO Policy Board and TAC Parkway Presentation 11/19/19
Bend MPO Technical Advisory Committee Agenda 3/11/19
Bend MPO Policy Board and Technical Advisory Committee Joint Meeting Packet 11/29/2018
Bend MPO Policy Board Presentation  11/16/2017 - Public Comment Received 11.16.17

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