COVID-19 INFO: City closures and cancellations, resources for businesses and people.



  • Butler Market Road Closures Start April 13

    As part of the Empire Corridor Improvements Project, additional segments of NE Butler Market Road will be closed starting April 13. The scheduled closures on Butler Market are at 27th Street, Deschutes Market Road, Cole Road and Eagle Road. These closures will extend for five months.

    4/6/2020 10:00:32 AM

  • Bend Discourages Tourist Travel and Related Activities

    City advisory supports Governor Brown’s “Stay Home, Save Lives” orders to minimize non-essential travel to reduce exposure to and spread of COVID-19, novel coronavirus.

    3/27/2020 8:24:03 AM

  • Core Services, Public Works and construction operations continue

    City staff has mostly transitioned to working remotely. We are still providing public safety, clean drinking water, safe sewage treatment, building inspections, street maintenance, access to economic resources and more.

    3/26/2020 12:14:45 PM

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Growth Management

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The Growth Management Department brings together the city’s transportation and long-range planning staff to identify and manage projects of a long-term nature, including transportation, land use, and public facility planning.

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The Statewide Planning Program requires cities like Bend to provide close coordination between planning for transportation (Goal 12) and urbanization (Goal 14).  One of the purposes for doing this is that cities in Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO), like Bend, need to reduce vehicular use, not only by increasing the use of alternative modes of travel, but also by encouraging a mix of land uses whereby creating walkable developments.

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June 2017 Transportation System Plan Update (Video)


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