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Bend Fire Department Training Division

Bend Fire Department is committed to the training and development of our staff to ensure we have the best trained and equipped emergency personnel we can possibly have. One way we strive to meet this goal is by providing a 24/7 resource for crews to use. was developed as a 24/7 resource for our department employees, but it is also available for other EMS agencies, fire departments and the public to view. As always, follow local protocols and procedures and view this simply as another educational resource.

Camp Fire Axe

Training in this department is not only for its personnel, we also look to expose and train the next generation to the work in the fire service to give them a prospective into the career field. Camp Fire Axe was developed as a way to expose high school aged students to the fire service in a fun, hands on camp setting each summer. Click here to go the Camp Fire Axe webpage to find out more about the program and find applications for the next camp. 

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