Hot Ash Safety

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Ever year hundreds of fires in Oregon are caused by improperly disposed of ashes. These ashes can be anything from cigarette butts to the ashes from a wood stove. Decks, trash cans and homes are all vulnerable to fires caused by improperly disposed of ashes. 

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Safe disposal of hot ashes from wood stoves, fire pits or BBQ’s:

  • Place ashes in a metal container with a tight cover and place outside 3 feet away from combustible materials such as decks, porches, woodpiles and out- buildings. 
  • Never put ashes of any kind into paper or plastic bags. 
  • Add water or ice to the bucket and allow to fully absorb to cool down the ashes faster.
  • Ashes can keep hot for several days after disposal; ensure the ash is cold to the touch before disposing of them further. 
  • Improperly disposed of ashes is a leading cause of deck fires in the winter time. 
  • Local disposal companies do not want hot ashes dumped in their trash containers as this can lead to a fire in the garbage truck or landfill
  • Do not dispose hot ash into combustible bags or containers
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