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Living on the high desert has many benefits; but a risk to living in this beautiful area is the threat of wildfire, please use this section to find information on how you can reduce your risk of having a fire spread to your home. Bend Fire Department offers free consults for home owners to review their home and look at ways of improving the property to help prevent the spread of wildfires. Call 541-322-6309 to schedule your visit. The links below provide valuable information on what you can do around your home and neighborhood to help reduce the risk of wildfire spreading to your home.

Deschutes County Sheriffs Office is the agency that is in charge of evacuations and preparedness in the Bend area. For information on evacuations and evacuation preparedness visit their website for that information.

New website will provide a one-stop shop for Central Oregon residents on wildfire, public health, smoke, and prescribed fire information!


Many of the resources available on the site were previously available however, this is the first time these resources and information have been consolidated into one place.

The Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Oregon Department of Forestry, Deschutes County, Public Health representatives, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Project Wildfire, and The Nature Conservancy collaborated on the site to provide the public a more comprehensive website to answer key questions related to fire, smoke, and health.

May is Wildfire Awareness month in Oregon and the slogan for this month is "Wildfire Knows No Season." Go to ODF's website HERE for more tips and videos on what you can do to help protect your home and neighborhood from the treat of wildfire. 

Schedule a FREE home safety consultation today! Call our office at 541-322-6300 to schedule your FREE visit! 

Below are brochures and handouts that you can use as guides to improving the wildfire safety of your home:

Information pertaining to evacuations and preparedness:

Current Fire Information for Central Oregon:

Chipping Up Vegetation 
Home owners limed up trees and thinned brush in this neighborhood
and then hired a company to come and chip up the debris.
By reducing the fuel load in the neighborhood, they lessened the
chance of a wildfire spreading through the open areas.