Special Events Requirements

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 Special Events

Events open to the public on City or public property with an expected attendance of 75 or more that is outside of the normal operation of the building/business is considered a "special event" by the City of Bend. 

Click here for the city's requirements for review and approval of such events. 

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Here are some general fire safety items to consider for your event:

  • Special event coordinator shall meet with the Fire Marshal or his or her representative to establish a Fire & Life Safety Event Plan.
  • Special Events, tents, canopies and temporary structures shall comply with Fire Safety Codes and Ordinances.
  • Required fire apparatus access roads shall be provided and maintained unless approved by fire prevention personnel.
  • Exit aisles and doors shall remain open and be clear and operable when tent, canopy, temporary structure or booth is occupied.
  • At least one multi-purpose fire extinguisher, with a UL classification of 2A-10B:C shall be provided for tents, canopies or temporary structures. Maximum travel distance to fire extinguisher shall not exceed 75 feet.
  • Portable fire extinguishers shall be of an approved size and type. Fire extinguishers shall be properly secured and located within 30 feet of commercial cooking equipment. A minimum of one person shall be knowledgeable in the use of fire extinguishers and be immediately available.
  • Heating and cooking equipment shall be in accordance with Fire Safety Codes. 
  • All food preparation, cooking and frying operations shall possess an annual fire department permit.
  • All compressed gas cylinders shall be securely fastened in place to prevent damage and rupture

Fire Performance and Effect Requirements - Fire Performance Art or Fire Flame Effects will be defined as any act (fire juggling, fire eating, flame effect, etc.), in an outdoor public or private place, that the public is invited to attend, which utilizes fire for entertainment purposes, outside of a protective housing or in ways in which it travels though the air (by one person or between multiple persons). These acts do not include pyrotechnics otherwise regulated under separate permit. Click here for the Bend Fire Department requirements.

Food Carts - requirements for food carts can be found by Clicking here