Physician Advisory

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All medical care provided by the City of Bend Fire Department is done under the license of Dr. Helenka Marcinek and Dr. William Reed who are well respected Emergency Room physicians at St. Charles Medical Center. Dr. Marcinek is also the physician advisor for Air Link of Oregon and was awarded the Physician Advisor of the Year award from the Oregon Health Division just prior to becoming our advisor.

Dr. William Reed assists Dr. Marcinek in her work in evaluating the care that we provide to patients. Each month each of them reviews our medical care reports. They both then meet with the medics at a medical case review.

It is a chance to learn what we are doing well and a chance for us to learn what areas we need to improve upon. All case reviews are confidential by law and thus this allows the doctors and the medics the ability to have open and frank discussions about the practice of medicine.

The City of Bend medics are able to perform medical care in the field without direct medical contact on each call. We are able to do this as we follow medical care protocols that are written and approved by all of the physician advisors in Central Oregon. The East Cascade Emergency Medical Services Council (ECEMS) through the work of many EMS providers and doctors in Central Oregon, established a common set of Protocols for the entire region. Medical care under these protocols are similar, regardless of which ambulance agency cares for the patient.