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Using an ambulance is a very expensive medical procedure. Members of a household can help protect themselves from a high ambulance bill when they need emergency medical transport. The FireMed program will protect an individual from having any out of pocket expense if they or a member of their household needs an emergency ambulance. Under the FireMed program, we will bill your insurance. We accept what the insurance pays as payment in full, thus you will never get a bill for an emergency ambulance call. If you have no insurance you are still covered as your $50 membership covers you in full.

FireMed does not cover the cost of non-emergency transports such as trips from the hospital to a nursing home. The FireMed program covers all persons who reside in a single household and includes coverage if a family member must live in a nursing home or a foster care home. FireMed can be purchased anytime during the year.
Please realize that most private insurance companies will not pay 100% of the ambulance bill. Using the rates above as examples, please contact your private insurance company to see how much they will pay on an ambulance transport. If a large balance will be left, the FireMed program may be worth purchasing for the members of your household.

Applications can also be found in most doctor offices, banks, and other public buildings. You can also contact them at 541-241-4772 or print the application from this link.

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