Urban Renewal

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Cooley roundabout at Juniper Ridge

Bend has two established Urban Renewal Areas (URAs), Juniper Ridge and Murphy Crossing.  The Bend Urban Renewal Agency has begun work on a new urban renewal plan for the central area of Bend.

Urban Renewal is a state-authorized redevelopment finance program. Urban renewal areas use Tax Increment Financing (TIF) to reinvest or rebuild parts of cities that are physically deteriorated, economically stagnated, unsafe or where the old urban layout no longer works. 

Bend’s urban renewal areas are managed by the Bend Urban Renewal Agency (BURA).   The City hopes to use urban renewal as a tool to achieve the urban changes need to accomplish the city’s growth plan.  City Council acting as BURA made a couple recent decisions to help achieve that goal.  For more information, check out the  presentation staff made to Council in November 2017.


Bend Core Area UR Feasibility Study

Juniper Ridge URA               Murphy Crossing URA


  • Urban Renewal

    • What is Urban Renewal?

    • Are there Urban Renewal areas in Bend?

    • Who manages the Urban Renewal Program?

    • How are urban renewal projects financed?

    • Does urban renewal increase my taxes?

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    • What are the steps for creating an Urban Renewal area/plan?

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    • Does urban renewal affect school district funding?

    • What are the benefits of urban renewal?

    • How does the City currently use property tax revenue?

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