Parking Projects and Committees

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Completed or newly initiated projects and Committees for the Bend Parking System

Riverside Parking Pilot Program

In order to provide easier access to Drake Park this summer, the City of Bend is partnering with Bend Parks and Recreation District.  For more information, visit the Riverside Parking Pilot Program page.

South Mirror Pond Parking Lot Redesign

In order to improve functionality and safety, the City is redesigning the South Mirror Pond Parking Lot (SMPPL). For more information, visit the project page.

Downtown Parking Study

The City completed a Parking Study focused on the downtown area to identify parking issues and recommend potential approaches to improve the area.  For more information, visit the Downtown Parking Study page.

Downtown Parking Advisory Committee

The Downtown Parking Advisory Committee was formed as a result of the goals outlined in the Downtown Strategic Parking Management Plan adopted on June 7, 2017.  The Committee will convene for its first meeting in July, 2018.

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