Parking in Downtown Bend

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Looking down Wall Street on a summer day in Downtown Bend Oregon

Many parking options are available for visitors and employees.

For visitors, on-street parking is available for 2 hours free and the Parking Garage at 61 NW Oregon Avenue is 3 hours free. If you did happen to enjoy Downtown Bend too much and need to pay your parking citation, there are options. For questions regarding parking downtown, please call 541-330-4010.


There are more than 5,200 parking spaces in downtown Bend, on the street and in parking lots. Of those, 390 angled spaces on Wall Street and Bond Street and a section of Oregon Avenue are not quite long enough to accommodate all vehicles.

Side-by-side view of a Sprinter van parked correctly on the left and the same van with a hitch bicycle rack extending beyond parking lines on the right.

Hitch racks must not extend beyond the white parking stripe.

Side-by-side view of a truck with long bed parked correctly on the left and the same truck not pulled up to the curb on the right.

Be sure to pull your vehicle all the way forward.

Side-by-side view of a Subaru with a bike rack parked correctly on the left and the same Subaru not pulled up to the curb on the right, therefore it's hitch bicycle rack is extending beyond the parking space.


Some Vehicles Just Won't Fit

A long bed extended cab pickup truck and a large Sprinter van, both extended beyond their parking space.

If you don't fit, don't fret, there are dozens of places to park in our off-street lots or in parallel spaces.   See the map below for more details or contact us at (541) 330-4010.



Map depicting where to park and parking restrictions in downtown Bend Oregon

Obtain a .pdf version of the above graphics.


All visitors are welcome and encouraged to extend their parking time, longer than 2 hours, with the following options and locations. Additional time may be purchased in the Mirror Pond lots at $1 per hour for each additional hour or the parking garage at $5 for all day. NOTE: Additional time in the Mirror Pond lots has to be paid for at the time of parking. A new option in the Mirror Pond lots is to pay by plate using a smart phone.

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