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The lively and delightful atmosphere to be found in downtown Bend has no equal. Nowhere else do you find a seamless mix old and new—of historic buildings and new architecture, of appreciation for tradition and forward-looking business culture—than in this mountain town with its unique urban feel. Nestled up against Drake Park and the iconic Mirror Pond, with the Cascade Mountains as a backdrop, downtown boasts an excellent business mix of locally-owned retail, delicious restaurants, and friendly professional services. It’s a favorite location for locals and visitors alike to spend time or take in a community event. The vitality of downtown Bend flourishes year-round.

The collaborative and supportive business community in downtown Bend is another attractive feature. Together with the Downtown Bend Business Association (DBBA), the City is dedicated to supporting downtown enterprise. Keeping downtown clean and beautiful, maintaining a safe and vibrant environment, and connecting partners with resources to encourage successful events and thriving business are our objectives.

It is no easy task to keep Downtown gorgeous for visitors and active for businesses and employees. If you are interested in learning more about what’s going on to make downtown Bend even better, check out our Downtown Parking Study or call 541-330-4010.