Economic Development

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Economic Development creates an environment where businesses and employees thrive.


From management of the Bend Municipal Airport to oversight and allocation of the City’s affordable housing funds, Economic Development department staff work to connect urban development and workforce development to emerging and future trends to increase the number of jobs and number of businesses in Bend.


Affordable housing is a vital component in economic development. Availability of homes at all income levels means businesses have accessible employees with fewer absences, workers are more stable and invested in their community, children have the opportunity to thrive in school, residents can make healthy choices, and we create less overall environmental burden. Research has shown that stable, affordable housing is critical to enabling families to attend to other needs, be self-sufficient and productive members of the community.

For more information, go to the affordable housing page.


The Business Advocacy Program is designed to provide local business owners, and potential business owners, with a dedicated staff member within City Hall. Current Business Advocate, Ben Hemson, serves as your first point of contact for city related questions, keeps stakeholders in the loop on important developments, and engages members of the business community around relevant city policy or process issues.

For more information, go to the business page.


Parking in downtown Bend is an easy experience with many options for visitors and employees. For visitors, on-street parking is available for 2 hours free and the Parking Garage, 61 NW Oregon is 3 hours free. If you did happen to enjoy Downtown Bend too much and need to pay your parking citation there are options.

All visitors are welcome and encouraged to extend their parking time, longer than 2 hours, with the following options and/or locations. Additional time in the Mirror Pond lots at $1 per hour for each additional hour or the parking garage at $5 for all day. NOTE: Additional time in the Mirror Pond lots has to be paid for at the time of parking. A new option in the Mirror Pond lots is to pay by plate using a smart phone.

Map depicting where to park and parking restrictions in downtown Bend Oregon


Urban Renewal is a state-authorized redevelopment finance program. Urban renewal areas use Tax Increment Financing (TIF) to reinvest or rebuild parts of cities that are physically deteriorated, economically stagnated, unsafe or where the old urban layout no longer works.

Bend has two established Urban Renewal Areas (URAs). The urban renewal areas are managed by the Bend Urban Renewal Agency (BURA). The two urban renewal areas Murphy Crossing and Juniper Ridge.

For more information, check out the Urban Renewal page.


The Bend Municipal Airport is identified as a Category 2, High Activity Business and General Aviation airport by the Oregon Department of Aviation.

  • Over 240 aircraft based at the airport
  • Over 137,000 estimated annual operations
  • Facilities include a single runway, 5260 feet in length
  • Corresponding full length dual parallel taxiways

Located on approximately 415 acres five miles northeast of the City of Bend, Oregon, the Bend Municipal Airport traces its history back to 1942.

For more information, go the Bend Airport page.

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