Structural Issues - Roof Loads

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If you are concerned about the integrity of a roof structure due to snow loads, please consult a licensed architect or engineer to assess the integrity.  If you feel there is an immediate danger please contact the non-emergency line, 541-693-6911.  If you have determined there is an integrity issue and wish to have the problem temporarily remedied with structural shoring, the following information will be necessary to provide to the Building Safety Division for a permit.  Permits for temporary remedy will be issued at no charge.  Permits for permanent remedy will follow the divisions standard processes, fee schedule and timeframe.  The construction and installation of the temporary shoring shall be completed by a contractor licensed in the State of Oregon.


A narrative from an Engineer or Architect licensed in the State of Oregon will be required and shall provide the following detail/statements:

  • If the building can be occupied once temporary shoring is in place or if temporary shoring is only to allow for preservation of the structure and/or construction for repair (repair permits will need to be secured separately)

  • If for occupancy a statement that all fire and life safety systems are intact

  • If for occupancy what portion(s) of the building are occupiable (pertains to multi-tenant buildings as well as single tenant buildings)

  • A timeframe for how long they are indicating the temporary shoring is to be in effect, per code cannot be longer than 6 months.

  • Narrative shall bear the engineer/architect stamp/signature