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Fees and Charges


PZ-17-0433 Citywide Map Alignment effective November 2, 2018

PZ-17-0433 MAP – Approved the Map Alignment Project (MAP) aligning the Zoning Map and the Comprehensive Plan map for approximately 1,916 acres in the City of Bend. Go to ePlans and enter 17-0433 in search box.

PZ-18-0254 Development Code Amendments effective October 19, 2018.

PZ-18-0254 – Amendments include but are not limited to the following: definitions for bay window, cantilever; side entry garage backing distance minimum 20 ft; minimum lot depth reduced from 80ft to 50ft for lot dimensions in RS, RM, RH; lot coverage increased for 2-story and above from 35% to 45% in RS, RM; lot coverage increased from 40% in the RM to 50% for single story; lot coverage increased to 60% for townhomes, duplexes, triplexes, multi-family in RM.

PZ-18-0193 ADU Sidewalk Development Code Amendments effective June 15, 2018.

PZ-18-0193 removed the sidewalk requirement for ADUs. Refer to B.

PZ-17-0554 Development Code Amendments effective March 23, 2018.

PZ-17-0554 – Amendments include but are not limited to the following: updates to Signs; definitions for basement, building height, floor area, home business, infill, kitchen, wet bar; FAR increased from .50 to .60, with no garage deduction for Building Mass and Scale; storage for multi-family development in RM, RH removed; clear vision area; street trees; fences and retaining walls; for ADUs, see B.: FAR increased from .55 to .60 as measured from interior walls, maximum height 25ft; Home Business, see N.


Informational Items


 Accessory Dwelling Unit

 Address Number Change

 Annexation Instructions and Application


 Conditional Use Permit

 Declaratory Ruling

 Final Plat

 Home Based Business

 Land Division

 Map and Text Amendment

 Marijuana Business Land Use Permit

 Master Plan

 Minimum Development Standards Review Commercial

 Minimum Development Standards Review Residential

 Miscellaneous Land Use

 Modification of Pending Application

 Modification of Approval

 Pre-Application Meeting

 Property Line Adjustment

 Request for Records

 Right of Way Vacation

 Short Term Rental Land Use

 Site Plan and Design Review

 Tax Roll Change

 Urban Growth Boundary Remand


 Verification of Compliance with Bend Code Chapter 4.1

 Verification of Public & Neighborhood Association Meeting

 Waiver to Public Improvement Standards

 Waterway Overlay Zone Review

 Wireless and Broadcast Communication Facility

 Woodstove Removal

 Zoning Verification


 Informational Items

 Accessory Structures Quick Reference Guide

 Accessory Dwelling Unit Quick Reference Guide

 Bend Central District Multimodal Mixed-Use Area

 Duplex Quick Reference Guide

 Fees and Charges

 Fences  and Retaining Walls Quick Reference Guide

 Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs)

 General Plan Map

 Map Library

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 Partition Process Handout

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 Townhome Standards

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 Urban Growth Boundary Amendment Information

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