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Short Term Rental Operating License

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 Initial Operating License Information

  • The initial application fee for a Short Term Rental Operating License application is $275 and the processing time is approximately 2 - 3 weeks. Annual renewals of the license will cost $200.

  • New Short Term Rental Permit holders will have 60 days after their Short Term Rental Permit has been issued to apply for an operating license. They will also have an additional 30 day window after that in which they may still apply, but a late fee of $50 will be assessed. If Short Term Rental Permit holders fail to apply for an operating license within the allotted amount of time, then the permit will become void due to the abandonment of use. Once it is void, in order to operate a short term rental, operators will need to reapply for the land use permit and will be subject to the new rules and regulations of the permit, including the 250 foot density buffer.

  • A complete application includes all required documentation and fee payment. Upon failure to submit a complete application, applicants will be notified by the City of Bend that they have 30 days in order to submit a completed application. The Operating License application will be withdrawn, the fee refunded, and the land use permit will become void if not completed within 30 days of receiving notice.
  • Operating Licenses are issued to the property owner and are not transferable if the property is sold or ownership changes. New owners will have 60 days upon sale of the property to apply for an Operating License. Please review Development Code Chapter 3.6.500 and Bend Code Chapter 7.16 to understand land use permit and operating license filing requirements for new property owners.

Application Packet
This packet contains information that will aid you in complying with the City of Bend's Short Term Rental Regulations, as stated in Bend Code Chapter 7.16. Please review all documents carefully to ensure that you are in compliance. 

 Complete Initial Short Term Rental Operating License Application

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