Code Enforcement Directory

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Code enforcement services are provided through different departments of the City.  If you have any questions about any of these services,please call the number listed on the left side of this page under Contact. 

For all non-police and 911 non-emergency violations, please submit a completed Code Enforcement Complaint Form  to Code Enforcement, City of Bend Code Enforcement, 710 NW Wall Street, Bend OR 97701. You may also complete the form and send it via e-mail to The City does not accept anonymous complaints, though complainant information is not shared with the violating party.

Please use the following telephone numbers to contact the appropriate enforcement agency.   

Type of Violation  Department  Phone Number
Abandoned Vehicles on Public Property Bend Police Department (541) 312-7972
Animal Control Bend Police Department (541) 693-6911
Attractive Nuisances Code Enforcement (541) 312-4908
Building Code Violations Building Official (541) 312-4908
Construction Project Grading Enforcement Code Enforcement (541) 312-4908
Discarded Vehicles on Private Property Code Enforcement (541) 312-4908
Dust Complaints Code Enforcement (541) 312-4908
Flammable Vegetation Code Enforcement (541) 312-4908
Grading Enforcement on Public Property Public Works (541) 312-4908
Lighting Complaints Code Enforcement (541) 312-4908
Noise Complaints Bend Police Department (541) 693-6911
Noxious Weeds                                      Code Enforcement  (541) 312-4908
Parking Complaints Bend Police Department (541) 693-6911
Sign Code Enforcement Code Enforcement (541) 312-4908
Snow and Ice Removal Code Enforcement  (541) 312-7968
Short Term Rentals  Code Enforcement  (541) 312-4908 
Trash, Rubbish Code Enforcement (541) 312-4908
Zoning Enforcement Code Enforcement (541) 312-4908

Please see the City of Bend Municipal Code page for more information.  

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