Accessibility/ADA Construction Projects

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Street crew workers leveling new concrete at corner to prep for curb ramp installation.

Below are projects that receive financial assistance (in part or entirely) by the Accessibility Construction Fund.

The accessibility construction fund allows the Accessibility Manager, with the help of the Cities’ accessibility advisory committee (COBAAC) and other community groups, fund construction projects whose sole purpose is to improve and increase the accessibility of the cities’ public rights-of-way (i.e. sidewalks and curb ramps). The accessibility construction fund can also improve accessibility by funding the installation of accessible pedestrian (APS) facilities at signalized intersections, install medians with areas of pedestrian refuge, and remove and repair structural barriers found in the City’s public rights of way.

Keep in mind, the accessibility construction fund is NOT the only means the City has to make improvements to accessibility. The City works hard to coordinate projects across all City departments. Thus most city infrastructure projects, funded by various departments, improve accessibility by improving adjacent curb ramps and/or installing sidewalk. This projects page will provide information about infrastructure projects funded by the accessibility construction fund. For information about other City projects please visit the City’s engineering and infrastructure planning department’s (EIPD) website.

2017-2019 PROJECTS

South 3rd St. Pedestrian Improvement Project ~ Completed

A City of Bend project in collaboration with Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).

  • Approximately $308,500 Flex Fund grant for engineering services
  • $2.6 million in Federal STIP multi-model transportation enhancement funds has been awarded for this project through the State of Oregon
  • City of Bend will contribute approximately $435,000 in project funding
  • Construction completed September 2017, included:
    • Installation and rehabilitation of 10,000 feet of sidewalks.
    • Created a continuous and accessible 1.2-mile corridor along South Third Street between Wilson and Powers Road.
    • Built 70 ADA compliant curb ramps,
    • installed accessible pedestrian signals at every signalized intersection
    • Created 10  ADA compliant bus stop waiting pads for Cascades East Transit (CET) rider use, and
    • built an enhanced crossing of 3rd Street at Roosevelt Avenue including flashing beacons, a safety island, and illumination    

Jason Suhr was the Project Manager. For more information visit the Third Streets Sidewalk webpage.

Citywide Accessibility Improvement Projects 2017-2018

Through the help of dedicated volunteers on the City of Bend's Accessibility Advisory Committee (COBAAC) and the Central Oregon Coalition for Access (COCA), key corridors and neighborhoods across the city have been prioritized for accessibility improvements. This project will design, construct, or repair these curb ramps and sidewalks including those identified through the City's Barrier Removal Request Process.

  • COMPETED IN 2017   
    • NE Wells Acres Road
    • NE Kearney Ave (Bend Community Center Vicinity)
    • NW Broadway Street and Delaware Avenue
  • 2018 Construction
    • Mountain View Neighborhood
  • 2019 Construction 
    • Dean Swift Road
    • Design contract for Mountain View Neighborhood will be awarded Spring 2018 (March)

Rory Rowan is the Project Manager. For more information visit Citywide Accessibility Improvement Projects webpage.

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