Bend Municipal Airport

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The Bend Municipal Airport is identified as a Category 2, High Activity Business and General Aviation airport by the Oregon Department of Aviation.


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Commercial Flight



  • Over 240 aircraft based at the airport
  • Over 137,000 estimated annual operations
  • Facilities include a single runway, 5260 feet in length
  • Corresponding full length dual parallel taxiways

Located on approximately 415 acres five miles northeast of the City of Bend, Oregon, the Bend Municipal Airport traces its history back to 1942.

Street Address

63132 Powell Butte Hwy
Bend, Oregon 97701

Airport Administration

Gary Judd, Airport Manager
PO Box 431
Bend, Oregon 97709
Phone: (541) 389-0258


Airport History

The country was at war and there was an immediate need across the western states for training sites for aviators for the war effort. To this purpose, a group of patriotic Bend citizens banded together to deed a small piece of farmland to the City of Bend for the express purpose that a municipally owned and operated landing strip be established.

The site was developed and used for pilot training throughout World War II. Following the war, the airstrip was maintained by the City of Bend for general use, where it experienced slow growth throughout the 1950's and 1960's.

By the 1970's, it was clear that the Bend Municipal Airport was becoming a part of the transportation network for Central Oregon and development of a comprehensive Airport Master Plan was undertaken in 1979. This plan established much of the direction for development at the airport and forecasted significant growth in activity at the Bend Airport in coming years. This early Master Plan, however, was completed while General Aviation was booming across the country. A downturn in the general economy affected General Aviation in the 1980's and through the early 1990's, and as a result, the forecast growth in demand at the airport did not materialize. That all changed by the late 1990's, though, and General Aviation began a significant resurgence that continues today, along with tremendously increased business and corporate aviation travel into and out of Bend. Today the Bend Municipal Airport stands poised to serve as the General Aviation and Corporate Aviation gateway to Central Oregon, for now and into the future.