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Council Subcommittees

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Citizen Committees (committees, commissions and advisory boards) work back and forth with Council Subcommittees who then make recommendations to City Council. At all three steps the community can provide input.

Council subcommittees provide preliminary policy guidance to staff on complex issues related to Council goals.

Two Council Subcommittees—Community Building and Stewardship—focus on different areas of city policy, planning, and decision making. Council Subcommittees also provide additional opportunity for Council advisory boards and committees to provide input to Council’s decisions, in a discussion format.


Council Subcommittees are made up of three City Councilors and include representatives from advisory boards and committees as relevant to the topic. The Council Subcommittees do not take formal Council action at Subcommittee meetings.

The Subcommittees are:

  • Focused on implementation of Council Goals
  • Intended to provide preliminary policy guidance to staff on complex issues, with input from advisory boards and committees
  • Able to provide recommendations to the full Council when issues are scheduled for Council action
  • Convened as public meetings


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