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Council Compensation Committee (Complete)

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On February 7, 2018, the City Council adopted a resolution to place a measure on the May 2018 ballot to remove Council member compensation from the Bend Charter, to be set instead by ordinance after consideration of the recommendations of an independent advisory committee.

Although the Charter will only be amended if the voters pass the measure, Council desires to adopt an ordinance on Council member compensation to take effect in the event that the measure passes.  This will give voters information for an informed decision on the effect of the measure on future Council member compensation. It is not intended as advocacy for or against the measure, but as factual, relevant information for the voters.

The Council formed an independent citizen advisory committee to consider and recommend a Council member compensation ordinance that would take effect after the November 2018 election, and only if the voters pass the proposed measure removing Council member compensation from the City Charter.  This will be a temporary committee, meeting several times in February and March 2018, with recommendations anticipated for the March 7 Council work session.

The Committee includes:
Jim Clinton, former mayor
Oran Teater, former mayor
Chris Telfer, former councilor
Brent Landels, Charter Review Committee
Chad Sage, Charter Review Committee
Kathleen Meehan-Coop, Charter Review Committee
Don Leonard, Charter Review Committee


Eric King, City Manager
Mary Winters, City Attorney
Rob DuValle, Human Resources Director
Robyn Christie, City Recorder

Meeting Materials

February 13, 2018
Compensation Comparison
Draft Minutes

February 20, 2018
Draft Ordinance
Draft Minutes


Compensation Committee Resources

Resolution to establish Compensation Committee
Resolution to adopt ballot title for removing compensation from Charter

Resolution to adopt ballot title for elected Mayor
Charter Review Committee Presentation
Citizen Committee Presentation

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