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Budget Committee

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As required by Oregon Budget Law, the City Council must establish a Budget Committee comprised of the seven City Councilors and an equal number of citizen members. The committee receives the City Manager's proposed biennial budget and budget message, which explains the proposed budget and significant changes in the City's financial position. All Budget Committee meetings are open to the public, and citizens are given an opportunity to ask questions about or comment on the proposed budget. The Budget Committee may make additions or changes to the proposed budget, at which time the committee will approve the document and forward it to the City Council for adoption. The Budget Committee also approves a rate of total ad valorem property taxes to be certified for collection.


Citizen members serve a term of four years and are subject to the City of Bend policy on term limitations (maximum two terms or six years, whichever is greater). Elected City Council members serve for the duration of their term on the Bend City Council. Citizen members of the Budget Committee and the date that their term expires are as follows:

Peter Skrbek January 2021
Kat Mastrangelo January 2021
Jeffrey Breit December 2022
Bruce Churchill January 2021
Tom Schumacher May 2022
Monica Rimai January 2023
Heather Simmons January 2021
Robert Savage (Alternate) December 2022


Please refer to the Finance Department page for additional information on the City's budget, including copies of the adopted budget, budget presentations and budget committee meeting minutes.

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