Bend Economic Development Advisory Board

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The Bend Economic Development Advisory Board brings a business community perspective to Bend City Hall.

The Bend Economic Development Advisory Board (BEDAB) is a City Council chartered board tasked with providing input and policy advice to Council and staff on issues relating to business development and economic growth.

The 13-member board consists of nine representatives from Bend’s major industries, each serving staggered three-year terms, and four staff members from City economic development partners.


  • Stephanie Senner, Chair (Suterra)
  • Keith Dodge, Vice Chair (Keith Dodge CPA)
  • Wendy McGrane (US Bank)
  • Erich Schultz (Schultz CRE)
  • Jamie Klopp (Epic Aircraft)
  • Travis Davis (PayneWest Insurance)
  • Kevin Cole (Mid-Oregon Credit Union)
  • Lisa Goodman (St. Charles Health System)
  • Brenda Speirs (Buzztag)


  • Kevney Dugan (Visit Bend)
  • Kip Barrett (EDCO)
  • Jerry Schulz (Small Business Development)
  • Jim Sansburn (Bend Chamber of Commerce)
  • Heather Ficht (EC Works)


The BEDAB meets on the first Monday of each month at noon in Council Chambers at Bend City Hall.  Stay in the loop on BEDAB related public meetings via the City’s monthly calendar, located here.

You can access previous BEDAB meeting agendas and minutes here.

09/09/2019 Agenda; BEDAB CET letter - draft; CEDR Sponsorship Feedback; Initial Climate Action Plan Feedback
08/19/2019 Agenda; Supplemental Construction Excise Tax; Land Supply Update; City Council Subcommittees
06/03/2019 Agenda; CCAP Update
05/06/2019  Agenda; Visit Bend Business Plan FY2020; Minutes
04/29/2019 Agenda; EDCO 2019-21 Scope of Services (Draft); EDCO 2019-21 Strategic Plan; Visit Bend FY2020 Board Draft; Minutes
04/01/2019 Agenda; EDCO Progress Report; EDCO 2019-21 Scope of Services (Draft); Business Registration Revenue 3/27/19; Revenue & Expenses 3/27/19; 2019-21 Proposed Expenses; Minutes

Agenda;  Advocacy re: BPRD SDCs; East Cascade Works update; SCORE update;

Public Comment - HAN/Transit Station; Minutes


Agenda; BEDAB Council Goal Setting Memo; BEDAB CCAP Focus Group; Minutes
01/07/2019  Agenda; BEDAB Draft 2019-21 Strategic Plan Outline; Minutes
12/03/2018  Agenda; Minutes
10/01/2018 Agenda; Minutes; Southeast Area Plan
09/10/2018  Agenda; Minutes; BBA Revenue & Expenses 9/7/18; BizReg Revenue 9/1/18; EDCO Bend Program Results 2018 Q1-2
07/09/2018 Agenda; Minutes; Juniper Ridge Working Group Packet; CEDR Subcommittee Memo - Budget Allocations;

Chamber Child Care Survey

06/04/2018 Agenda; Minutes; BEDAB Update; BEDAB Strategic Plan Kickoff
05/21/2018 Agenda; Minutes; Visit Bend Business Plan 2018
05/07/2018 Agenda; Minutes; Visit Bend Business Plan 2018; Visit Bend Reserve Fund Proposal; UGB Implementation Update; Conflicts of Interest Memo
04/02/2018 AgendaMinutes; UGB Implementation - Evaluation Summary Matrix; Memo: Review of Advocacy Discussion on UGB Implementation; Oregon Outdoor Alliance Presentation; EDCO: Lead Generation and Quarterly Update 
03/05/2018 Agenda; Minutes; BEDAB Work Plan Update 2017-18Food Hub; Food Cluster Notes; Economic Impact of Local Food overview; Economic Impact of Local Food article; Food Cluster Budget 7/1/17-6/30/18; Estimated Food Cluster Budget 7/1/18-6/30/19
02/05/2018 Agenda; Minutes; BBA Revenue & Expenses 2/02/2018; BizReg Program Revenue 2/02/2018
01/08/2018  Agenda; Minutes; Visit Bend Update 1/2018; EDCO Enterprise Zone 5 Year Abatement Proposal
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