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  • Butler Market Road Closures Start April 13

    As part of the Empire Corridor Improvements Project, additional segments of NE Butler Market Road will be closed starting April 13. The scheduled closures on Butler Market are at 27th Street, Deschutes Market Road, Cole Road and Eagle Road. These closures will extend for five months.

    4/6/2020 10:00:32 AM

  • Bend Discourages Tourist Travel and Related Activities

    City advisory supports Governor Brown’s “Stay Home, Save Lives” orders to minimize non-essential travel to reduce exposure to and spread of COVID-19, novel coronavirus.

    3/27/2020 8:24:03 AM

  • Core Services, Public Works and construction operations continue

    City staff has mostly transitioned to working remotely. We are still providing public safety, clean drinking water, safe sewage treatment, building inspections, street maintenance, access to economic resources and more.

    3/26/2020 12:14:45 PM

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Affordable Housing Advisory Committee

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The committee meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 3:00 pm in Council Chambers at City Hall. Check the City Meeting and Events Calendar for details or any changes. 


  • Cindy King, Real Estate community recommended by COAR, Chair
  • Keith Wooden, Affordable Housing Development, Vice-Chair
  • Richard Bonebrake, Local Affordable Housing Community
  • Kathy Austin, Public at Large
  • Ian Schmidt, Public at Large
  • Priscilla Buck , Public at Large
  • Matt Martino, Lending Community
  • Alison Hohengarten, COBA
  • David Haines, Chamber of Commerce


Affordable Housing webpage:


03/11/2020  Agenda 
02/12/2020 Agenda
01/08/2020 Agenda


12/11/2019  Agenda
11/13/2019 Agenda
10/09/2019 Agenda; Minutes
09/11/2019  Agenda; Planning Dept. Memo; Planning Presentation; CAPER; Minutes
08/14/2019 Agenda; Minutes
07/10/2019 Agenda; SDC Exemption Request; Minutes
06/25/2019  Policy Worksession Agenda; Minutes
06/12/2019  Agenda; Minutes 
05/08/2019  Agenda; Minutes
04/10/2019  Agenda; Draft Consolidated Plan; UGB Presentation; Consolidated Plan Goals Presentation; Minutes
03/27/2019 Agenda; Minutes
03/13/2019  Agenda; Minutes 
02/13/2019  Agenda
01/30/2019  Agenda; Minutes
01/09/2019 Agenda; Minutes
12/12/2018 Agenda; SDC Exemption Request; HB 4006 Press Release; Minutes
11/14/2018  Agenda; Minutes
10/10/2018 Agenda; Minutes
09/12/2018 Agenda; Analysis of Impediments (AI) (DRAFT); Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER), Program Year 2017 (DRAFT); minutes
08/08/2018 Agenda; Minutes
06/13/2018  Agenda; Minutes
04/11/2018 Agenda; Minutes; SDC Exemption Request;  Housing SDC Proposal (K Austin); Notes on SDCs (K Austin); Proposed Bend Development Code amendments for affordable housing; UGB Implementation - Evaluation Summary Matrix
03/14/2018 Agenda; Minutes 
02/28/2018 Agenda; Minutes 
02/14/2018  Agenda; Minutes
01/31/2018  Agenda; Minutes
01/10/2018 Agenda; Minutes


Agenda; Minutes
11/08/2017 Agenda; Minutes
09/13/2017 Agenda; Minutes
08/09/2017 Agenda; Minutes
07/12/2017 Agenda; Minutes
06/14/2017 Agenda; Minutes
05/10/2017 Agenda; Minutes
04/12/2017 Agenda; Minutes
04/05/2017 Agenda; Minutes
03/22/2017 Agenda; Minutes
03/08/2017 Agenda; Minutes
02/08/2017  Agenda; Minutes
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