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Social Media

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Having an active social media presence with relevant content can go a long way to help increase engagement with your residents. We discuss four options below: Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor & YouTube.


Best estimates are that 72 percent of the adult population is on Facebook—this is an incredibly important way to communicate with your people. It’s free to get a page going and other costs can be minimal. You can also invite people to events and keep track of who’s said they are coming. Of all the communication tools you could consider, it’s the fastest and easiest way to stay in touch once you get the hang of the system.

The Basics

  • Go to and create a page for your association
  • Have photos ready to upload to make your page interesting from the get-g
  • It’s a good idea to have a mix of posts that you schedule to run later and on the spot posts that you can add with your phone
  • You can also create event pages loaded with information and a button where people can commit to attending. You can continue to remind them to come.
  • Several people on your team can become administrators and assist in posting
  • Most cell phones allow you to download an app for Facebook that can make posting very easy and fast
  • One drawback is that most posts are only shown to a few of the people that like your page. You must pay to have your posts promoted to your members so they see them frequently in their feed but it is often worth it

What to Include

  • Photos from events
  • Articles about the neighborhood or other city news
  • Links to surveys
  • A sites-around-the-neighborhood campaign
  • Reminders about meetings
  • Pictures and a short profile of volunteers
  • Quotes from meetings
  • Snapshots of neighborhood leaders being out and about doing the business of the association
  • Events pages for meetings and other gatherings


This social media site is very popular, but it can take a big investment of time and energy before it becomes worthwhile. Information is shared in 140 characters or less, meaning everything is bite sized. The best content for Twitter is quick observations, retweets of what others have said or links to articles or things that are cheeky and funny.


These kinds of sites are becoming more widely used all the time. They’re like a bulletin or message board for a neighborhood. Sites such as NextDoor are a real grab bag, and can include everything from lost dogs to a truck for sale to a need for a babysitter to a forum for venting about neighborhood issues. Neighborhood associations can use these bulletin boards to advertise meetings, programs, new projects and more.


YouTube has turned everyone into a videographer. All you need is a cell phone and an account online and you can begin sharing videos of neighborhood association functions, meetings, forums and other events. Minor video editing skills are helpful.

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