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Event Sign-Up Websites

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Attendance at events goes up dramatically when people register to attend.

Maybe it’s psychological, maybe it’s the fun of having a ticket—but whatever it is, you should be having people commit to coming to events through online registrations when you can. Simple RSVPs work just fine for a pancake breakfast on your block, but for larger meetings or forums, you should consider using an online program to register attendees.


  • Some systems such as Constant Contact allow you to manage communications in many ways including maintain your contact database, send mass emails and manage registrations for events
  • If you aren’t using an all-in-one service, which often require payment, you can use free standalone sites such as Eventbrite, Eventzilla, and Eventsmart to share information about your event and register attendees. You can even charge for events through these sites
  • Facebook has an events feature, but there is no way to collect payment if you’d like to through Facebook and the commitment is less secure when you say you’re planning to attend an event on Facebook


  • A registration site will give you all the necessary prompts to help you share the right information with your audience, but be prepared to share a few paragraphs about the purpose of the event
  • You can also share links to your website, news articles or other resources as you share information on these sites
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