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Emailed Newsletters & Alerts

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Packed with a wallop of information in an attractive format, email newsletters are free or cheap and can reach thousands of contacts in an instant.

Alerts are basically the same concept as email newsletters but usually limited to one topic. While many communication formats require a viewer to come to you, these types of communications can be sent directly to their inbox.


  • Find an online program that fits your budget, needs and is easy to use.
  • Good options are Constant Contact, which requires a monthly fee but allows you to create event pages and surveys, and MailChimp, which is free up to 2,000 emails but offers limited features beyond mass emails and a contact database.
  • Create a template that can be quickly updated every month without starting a new design from scratch
  • Link short intros or teases in the newsletter back to the full page of information on your website or blog
  • The more visually appealing your newsletter, the more likely that people will eagerly await the next one


  • Photos and graphics
  • Event information
  • Upcoming meeting times and agendas
  • Profiles of leaders or members
  • Updates on neighborhood issues
  • Updates on neighborhood association programs or projects
  • A calendar of meetings or events
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Contact information for neighborhood leaders
  • Buttons linked to places to register for events
  • A donate button linked to the donate page of your website
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