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Door-to-Door Canvassing

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Row of houses.

In politics, nothing moves people to vote with more consistency than a person speaking to them at their door. The same is true of engagement in a neighborhood.

When your neighbors come to see you a powerful connection is made. Door-to-door canvasses also help the visitor to really understand a neighborhood, it’s streets, houses and how the residents really live. Canvasses can be related to any topic and are a good way to include volunteers in outreach on neighborhood issues.


  • Canvasses can be targeted or just simply intended to hit every door. Before going out, have a very clear sense of purpose
  • A canvasser often has a clipboard to help carry and quickly show information
  • It’s a good idea to establish some ground rules for canvassing for the team. For instance, don’t go anywhere unsafe, do or do not knock on doors with “No Soliciting” signs, don’t leave fliers in mailboxes because it’s against the law
  • It can be helpful for canvassers to have some kind of identifying t-shirt, button or hat to help people understand the purpose of the visit right away


  • Talking points to help the canvasser get across the point of the visit right off the bat
  • Something to leave behind with the neighbor or some kind of request that should be made with the neighbor
  • A sign up sheet for folks interested in getting more involved
  • A question and answer sheet to help the canvasser share accurate information
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