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Integrated Water System Master Plan

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A photo of a snow covered landscape at the Bend Municipal Watershed

The Integrated Water System Master Plan will provide direction for our utility water system’s operation, maintenance, and development; incorporating integrated conservation, energy reduction, and water management practices into its long-term planning.

State of Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR)

With an eye towards rate stabilization for our users, the Integrated Water System Master Plan (iWSMP) adheres to the following administrative rules:

  • Oregon Health Authority, Public Division, OAR 333-061 
    A master plan is required for every community water system with 300 or more service connections, or serving more than 1,000 people, and shall evaluate the needs of the water system for at least a twenty year period. Master plans shall be prepared by a professional engineer registered in Oregon, and submitted to the Authority for review and approval.

  • Water Resources Department, OAR 690-86
    The Water Resources Commission has adopted a statewide policy on Conservation and Efficient Water Use (OAR 690-410-0060). The policy requires major water users and suppliers to prepare water management and conservation plans. These rules provide a process to ensure the efficient use of the State's water resources and to facilitate water supply planning consistent with water supplier and Department capabilities. The Department shall update the Commission on the implementation and effectiveness of these rules every five years.

  • Land Conservation and Development Department (DLCD), OAR 660-11
    Goal 11, Public Facilities and Services (OAR 660-015-0000(11)) requires that a city or county shall develop and adopt a public facility plan for areas within an urban growth boundary containing a population greater than 2,500 persons.

Project Deliverables