South Third Street Sidewalk Improvements

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New sidewalk on South Third Street that includes accessibility ramps

This project is complete. The City of Bend and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) worked collaboratively to provide our community with a continuous pedestrian corridor along South Third Street between Wilson Avenue and Powers Road.


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Construction is complete:
The South 3rd Street Pedestrian Improvement Project constructed 10,000 lineal feet of sidewalk along the east and west sides of South 3rd Street between Wilson Avenue and Powers Road. Our goal was to create a continuous and compliant pedestrian corridor along this 1.2 mile section of South 3rd Street. Along with sidewalks, we constructed a total of 70 ADA compliant curb ramps, installed accessible pedestrian signals at every signalized crossing, and created 10 Cascade East Transit bus stop waiting pads.

Additionally, we worked together with another City project to construct a safe pedestrian crossing across 3rd Street at Roosevelt Avenue. The construction of this project is complete and the crossing is now open. This is a crossing in which the pedestrian will push a button at either side of the crossing to activate blinking signals along the road to warn traffic of a pedestrian crossing. Then the pedestrian can safely cross 3rd Street. The crossing includes a safety island in the center of the crossing to allow the pedestrian to only have to cross two lanes at a time.


Third Street is a high-traffic corridor and this 1.2-mile portion has a poor rating for pedestrian facilities and was prioritized for needing improvement by the City of Bend’s Accessibility Advisory Committee (COBAAC).

The project that is underway will enhance pedestrian accessibility and safety, improving the overall function of the transportation system.

Construction Includes

  • Installation and rehabilitation of sidewalks
  • Constructing new curb ramps that are Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliant
  • Replacing existing ramps that are out of ADA compliance
  • Providing ADA compliant bus stop waiting pads for Cascades East Transit (CET) rider use
  • Enhanced bicycle lanes with conversion of stormwater catch basin grates to curb inlet catch basins
  • Replacing non-standard water meter boxes and service lines

The same South Third Street roadway limits, Wilson Avenue to Powers Road, are currently scheduled to receive a full width street preservation treatment after the completion of the sidewalk construction project.

3rd St incomplete sidewalks

Completed Sidewalk

Completed sidewalk corner showing ADA ramps Completed sidewalk including ADA ramp and traffic driving by on the left Long stretch of completed sidewalk along 3rd Street

Project Estimated Timeline

  • Spring 2016 - Design Complete
  • Week of September 26, 2016 - Construction Begins
  • Mid-November through March - Construction Break for Winter Weather
  • March 2017 - Construction Resumes
  • August 2017 - Construction Complete
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