South Awbrey Butte Drainage Study

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A Stormwater Infrastructure Project


Stormwater Program

This project is funded by the
 City of Bend Stormwater Program.

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Project Description

City Council has approved funding in the 2015-2017 biennial budget for the South Awbrey Butte Drainage Study capital improvement project. The associated project area includes the southern hillside of Awbrey Butte as it directs drainage flows to the Newport Avenue Storm Sewer, and all surrounding areas which drain towards Newport Avenue.

The Newport Avenue storm drain begins at the intersection of College Way and Newport Avenue, extending east to the outfall at the Deschutes River.

The selected consultant will complete a drainage system analysis to identify drainage problem areas within the catchment area and along the Newport Avenue Storm Sewer. In most cases, these will include: areas which lack or have deficient drainage facilities to manage a 25-year design storm event, unsafe passage of the 100-year design storm event, or areas of excessive concentrations of debris and/or other pollutants. The engineering consultant will provide preliminary design solutions which will meet applicable regulatory requirements. Preliminary design solutions will be provided to solicit feedback from internal and external stakeholders which will assist in developing the engineer’s recommendations.

The consultant will utilize the engineer’s recommendations when determining preliminary sizing for upgrades to the Newport Avenue Storm Sewer. The final deliverable will be submitted in the form of a drainage report and will be a comprehensive report describing the project area, process and final deliverables.

Project Objectives

The project objective is to develop a prioritized stormwater project list which provides a systematic and cost-benefit balanced approach to improve deficient segments of the Newport Avenue Storm Sewer and upstream basin drainage problem areas.

Project Timeline

Estimated completion by September 2017

Project Contact

Garrett Sabourin PE, Project Manager
(541) 317-4000