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Map of Project Construction

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3rd Street Underpass Stormwater Project


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3rd St Underpass Project Map Legend

Schedule A:

This portion of the project includes storm water swales and planters located in the residential area northeast of the 3rd street underpass at several locations along NE Clay Ave, NE Burnside Ave, and NE 5th St. These improvements provide a mechanism to intercept storm water to reduce the flows that reach the underpass.

Schedule B:

Schedule B is the regional storm water pond near the parkway and the conveyance piping system that will connect the regional storm water pond with the proposed pumping facilities at the underpass. The conveyance piping system consists of large diameter transmission and collection piping. The piping runs in Scott Street, Scott/2nd Street, Anue Street, and then under the railroad to the regional storm water pond.

Schedule C:

Schedule C is the underpass itself. The underpass work included the removal of the previous pump station and associated collection facilities, as well as the decommissioning of the drill holes. New, large diameter collection piping was installed to route storm water to a new pump station. The pump station now discharges to the conveyance system in schedule B.